Pilots Resources

There are lots of websites that can help improve your time online. This page is intended as a non-exhaustive list of links to free resources that might help you when flying online. You will also find plenty of resources available on local websites.


NavigraphA payware resource for viewing charts worldwide and updating AIRAC data.
VATSIM ChartsAn old site with links to various chart sources (some links are outdated).

Who’s Online

VATSIM StatisticsList of currently connected members
AccuMapA Windows & Mac program displaying a live map with accurate depiction of sectors.
VATSpyA Windows program displaying a map of pilots and controller locations.
vRouteWindows program showing online members by country.
VattasticBrowser map of pilots and controllers.
QuteScoopAn open-source multi-platform traffic viewer.

Flight Planning

vRoutevRoute accepts flightplan submissions from members around the VATSIM world.
SimroutesA collection of flightplans, predominantly for USA routes.
VATrouteA collection of flightplans, predominantly for European routes.
Little Navmapfree open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system.


VATSIM Pilot Resource CentreTutorials and guides for the basics of flight.
Official VATSIM training organisationsLinks to all of the organizations authorized to perform VATSIM pilot training.

Free Model Matching

FLAI Model Matching for VATSIMA completely free model matching AI package for P3D and FSX.